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NewsBook: Missouri Government News for Week of May 7, 2001


. Education initiatives discussed at the end of the 2001 legislative session (05/18/01)
JEFFERSON CITY - As legislators congratulated themselves on a "job well done," about 900 seniors in the Kansas City, Mo. school district are slated to graduate this June from high schools that are not accredited by the state.

As the 2001 legislative session drew to a close on Friday, feelings were mixed about education initiatives that passed and failed this session.

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    . General Assembly ends session (05/18/01)
    JEFFERSON CITY - Missouri's General Assembly wrapped up this year's session Friday, swiftly passing two major bills while failing to address proposals on roads and prescription drug coverage.

    Gov. Bob Holden said he would call a special session consider a prescription drug proposal.

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    . .08 bill clears lawmakers (05/18/01)
    JEFFERSON CITY - The state's standard for drunk driving would be lowered to .08 under a bill headed to the Governor's desk.

    Lawmakers passed the bill in a bipartisan vote.

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    . Kinder defends Senate Republicans from Holden's accusations (05/18/01)
    JEFFERSON CITY - Senate President Pro Tem Peter Kinder says the governor's name-calling is ridiculous.

    The governor used his post-session press conference to attack Republican leadership for the failure of his transportation plan.

    Kinder says he can lead both parties to a compromise on the issue.

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    . Bill stops right-of-way fees from being passed on to consumers (05/18/01)
    JEFFERSON CITY - The Missouri Legislature adopts a bill keeping utility companies from passing right-of-way fees to consumers, when digging up city streets.

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    . Term limit bill dies (05/18/01)
    JEFFERSON CITY - A bill extending legislative terms in the Missouri Senate fails to reach debate on the last day of the 2001 legislative session.

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    . House Democrats are still bitter over failed bills (05/18/01)
    JEFFERSON CITY - After their end of the session celebration, the House Democrats blamed the failure of their prescription drugs plan on the Republican-run Senate.

    The Democrats said both parties in the House were able to compromise but the Senate remained stubborn.

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    . Women's Health bill passes the Senate almost unanimously (05/18/01)
    JEFFERSON CITY - Women will no longer have to pay for contraceptives under a women's health bill that now sits on the Governor's desk.

    The bill will also allow women to have direct access to an OBGYN and receive cancer benefits.

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    . Floor Leader says he will not bring up transportation in the last two days. (05/17/01)
    JEFFERSON CITY - Majority Floor Leader Sen. Bill Kenney, R-Lee's Summit, said today that transportation is dead and will not be brought up again for consideration on the Senate floor.

    However, Senate Democrats are demanding a vote on the issue before session ends Friday at 6 p.m.

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    . The Missouri legislature approved a resolution authorizing funding for a new MU arena, but Holden says he's not sure whether he'll sign it. (05/16/01)
    JEFFERSON CITY - Lawmakers approved a plan to float $35 million in bonds to pay for part of a new $75 million arena proposed for MU. The proposal needs the governor's approval.

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    . The Missouri Senate approves a redistricting map that splits up St. Louis County (05/16/01)
    JEFFERSON CITY - The Senate voted 28-5 in favor of a congressional district map that would put parts of Ladue, Creve Coeur, and Frontenac counties into Democrat Lacy Clay's district.

    This would be the first map in three decades to move minority voters out of the First District. The new map only needs the approval of Gov. Bob Holden to be finalized.

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    . The Senate stalls a redistricting plan as the House passes dram shop legislation (05/15/01)
    JEFFERSON CITY - A filibuster by St. Louis County Republicans blocked Senate action on a Congressional redistricting plan adopted by eight of Missouri's nine members of Congress.

    It was the second defeat Wednesday for the GOP leadership in the Senate. Earlier in the day, a leadership-backed resolution to do a further study on transportation needs -- as a possible alternative to the governor's tax increase package -- failed by one vote when a GOP senator failed to show up for the vote.

    In the House, members approved legislation that would provide limited lawsuit protection for tavern owners whose patrons get drunk and cause injuries.

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    . Mayor Slay came from St. Louis came to Jefferson City and left without a deal for a Cardinals stadium (05/15/01)
    JEFFERSON CITY - Slay came to Jefferson City to speak about several issues, including the Right-of-Way bill, which passed the House, while the Cardinal stadium bill was seemingly doomed.

    Slay even talked about taking up this issue during next year's legislative session.

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    . Lawmakers argue over liability for bar owners (05/15/01)
    JEFFERSON CITY - The House passed a bill that will increase liability of bar owners and restaurants that knowingly serving alcohol to underage and intoxicated customers.

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    . Highway 61: Where you want this killin' done? (05/15/01)
    JEFFERSON CITY - As lawmakers debate transportation funding for better roads, Highway 61 has been singled out as one deadly highway.

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    . Transportation plan dies in Senate (05/15/01)
    JEFFERSON CITY - A vote down party lines did not help the GOP, the majority party, in the Senate Tuesday.

    One Republican Senator said he was in his office reviewing papers and didn't know the vote for one of the legislative session's biggest issues was going on.

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    . The Congressional redistricting compromise hits a snag. (05/14/01)
    JEFFERSON CITY - A Congressional redistricting plan endorsed by eight of Missouri's nine members of Congress ran into opposition from St. Louis County Republicans.

    They objected to extending St. Louis City Congressman Lacy Clay's district into parts of Republican areas, including Ladue and Creve Coeur.

    The controversy delayed planned Senate debate on the proposal for yet another day.

    In other legislative action, the House endorsed the governor's plan to restrict a government program for financial assistance to the elderly for purchase of prescription drugs to the lower income.

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    . The Missouri Senate votes to stop price guaging by payday lenders (05/14/01)
    JEFFERSON CITY -A bill capping fees for payday loans under $500, passes the Missouri Senate in a unanimous vote.

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