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NewsBook: Missouri Government News for Week of April 3, 2000


. Two Remonstrances proposed in House and Senate against Rep. Quincy Troupe (04/06/00)
JEFFERSON CITY - Two days after Troupe called Sen. Steve Ehlmann, the GOP floor leader, and residents of St. Charles County racists, both chambers heard remonstrances in disapproval of the remarks.

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. A bill to try and get charter schools in St. Louis stalled in the Senate (04/05/00)
JEFFERSON CITY - Senator Ted House's bill to try and make it easier to get charter schools in St. Louis has been put on the shelf.

House says he is trying to unify supporters of charter schools.

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  • Check out SB 729.
    . The Missouri Senate voted to cut the size of the House of Representatives (04/05/00)
    JEFFERSON CITY - The Senate now must vote one more time to eliminate 50 representatives from the House.

    If they pass the proposal and the House passes it vote will be put to the people to shrink the size of the House, which is the fourth largest in the country.

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  • Check out SJR 53.
    . The House adds yet another provision onto tobacco bill (04/05/00)
    JEFFERSON CITY - The provision would ban the use of minors in sting operations to bust stores that sell tobacco to minors.

    The ban will not go into effect until next year because it could cause Missouri to lose federal funding for drug addiction treatment.

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  • Check out HB 1652 and HB 1433.
    . Corrections Department upgrades victim notification system (04/05/00)
    JEFFERSON CITY - Crime victims in Missouri will now have extra access to information about their offenders.

    The notification system is now open 24 hours a day and provides victims with parole hearing dates, release dates, and the current place of confinement of their offenders.

    Numerous states have tried similar systems, but have met problems.

    But, Missouri's Corrections Department says they hope to succeed where other states have failed.

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    . Tougher Sunshine Bill may hit speed bump (04/05/00)
    JEFFERSON CITY - The bill, which includes stiffer fines for violating the state's Open Meetings Law, may be heading for a legislative bump in the road.

    After easily clearing the Missouri Senate, an effort is being suggested on the House side to use the bill as a vehicle to close some government records.

    Now, the Missouri Press Association says they wouldn't support the bill if it meant closing some records.

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  • Check out HB 1718, SB 930, SB 858.
    . Governor issues executive order on MTBE (04/05/00)
    JEFFERSON CITY - Mel Carnahan said Wednesday he'd like to see the controversial gasoline additive banned.

    But, he reiterated his stance that there are things that need to happen on the national level, before he acts on the state level.

    That includes an assurance that a state ban on MTBE would not result in new or increased federal sanctions on the state.

    The governor's executive order urging the federal government to act drew criticisms from the top republican in the Missouri Senate.

    St. Charles senator Steve Ehlmann says Carnahan is passing the buck.

    In a letter sent to EPA head Carol Browner, Carnahan asks that the state be allowed to stop selling reformulated gas that contains MTBE in St. Louis.

    MTBE helps reduce air pollution, but it has been found to pollute groundwater.

    The chemical has turned up several times in groundwater in Missouri.

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  • Check out the governor's press release.
    . Proposed house bill creates "lemon law" for computer buyers (04/04/00)
    JEFFERSON CITY - Representative Tim Green is sponsoring a bill that will protect computer buyers from defective computer systems.

    Green's legislation would mandate a 2 year warrantee on all purchased computers.

    Pennsylvania is the only other state considering such legislation.

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  • Check out HB 2057.
    . Legislator says inmates' families serve as Missouri cash crop (04/04/00)
    JEFFERSON CITY -Senator Larry Rohrbach says the families of inmates are paying the high price to receive collect phone calls from loved ones in prison.

    He says the bid for prison phone service should go to the lowest bidder.

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  • Check out SB 618.
    . Bill aims to curb domestic violence (04/04/00)
    JEFFERSON CITY - The House spent more than two hours debating a bill aimed at curbing domestic violence before taking a vote.

    The bill will increase stalking and harrassing to include the electronic media.

    The bill faces a final House vote before heading to the Senate.

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  • Check out HB 1677 and the bill's sponsor, Rep. Vicky Riback Wilson.
    . Missouri not likely to pass gun legislation (04/04/00)
    JEFFERSON CITY - Several lawmakers say the snail-pace at which the legislature is proceeding this year, coupled with a late introduction will likely mean that bills requiring safety locks on guns will not see the light of day.

    Lawmakers in two eastern states have already passed trigger lock legislation this year.

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    . Bills dealing with contraceptive coverage by insurance companies going nowhere. (04/04/00)
    JEFFERSON CITY - Three bills dealing with contraceptive coverage from insurance firms are dead right now.

    Democrats say Republicans and anti-abortionists are the reason, but others have different explanations.

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    . Missouri angle on Microsoft case (04/04/00)
    JEFFERSON CITY - Missouri has a law banning monopolies and predatory behavior, yet state law may limit the Attorney General's ability to file suit against Microsoft.

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    . Missouri House votes to toughen saftey standards on amusement park rides. (04/03/00)
    JEFFERSON CITY - The House gave preliminary approval to a bill that would require amusement park ride owners to immediately contact state officials in case of serious accidents.

    They would also be required to inspect rides annually and have insurance.

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  • Check out HB 1434 .
    . House Committee to hear tougher Sunshine bill (04/03/00)
    JEFFERSON CITY - The bill to toughen Missouri's Open Meetings Law keeps inching closer to its ultimate goal of becoming law.

    On March 16 the Senate unanimously passed the bill by Sen. Joe Maxwell, D-Mexico, that would strengthen the state's Sunshine Law.

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