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NewsBook: Missouri Government News for Week of March 27, 2000


. The House votes to ban tanning facilities from encouraging abortions. (03/29/00)
JEFFERSON CITY - It was not actually meant as a serious amendment -- although the House actually did attach to a professional licensing bill a ban on tanning facility operators encouraging or refering to abortion services.

It was offered to protest an earlier anti-abortion amendment adopted by the House that was serious. That amendment would prohibit physican assistants from counseling abortion, referring a patient to an abortion service or even referring a patient to anothe person or organization that counseled for abortion.

The two amendment were added as part of a broad bill making changes in a number of professional licensing laws.

  • Get the House roll call.
    . Republicans call for immediate ban of MTBE (03/30/00)
    JEFFERSON CITY - Republican leaders met Thursday morning to announce they are calling on Governor Mel Carnahan to place a state ban on MTBE, the water-polluting, gas additive.

    This comes just a day after a Carnahan spokesman said the governor wasn't interested in a state ban.

    Senate environmental leader Wayne Goode echoed the governor's position.

    He said a national ban is needed.

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    . Governor supports national ban of controversial gas additive (03/29/00)
    JEFFERSON CITY - Carnahan's spokesman says the governor thinks a national ban on MTBE is necessary.

    MTBE, a chemical that reduces air pollution in reformulated gas, has been found in ground water twice in Missouri.

    The EPA agreed last week to remove MTBE from the market, but it will take about three years to do so.

    Ethanol, a corn product, will most likely replace MTBE as an ingredient in reformulated gas.

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    . Missouri's Senate rejects a plan to cut the size of the House. (03/28/00)
    JEFFERSON CITY - The Missouri Senate turned down a proposal that would reduce the size of the Missouri House from 163 to 105.

    Supporters said a smaller house would be more efficient and less expensive.

    But rural lawmakers argued that fewer members would cause excessively large districts in the rural areas making it more difficult for House members to stay in touch with their constituents.

    The proposal's sponsor said he has not given up on the idea, that he'll try again with a different plan.

  • Get the Senate roll call.
    . Senate committee approves plan to exempt tobacco money from Hancock (03/28/00)
    JEFFERSON CITY - The Senate Pensions & General Laws Committee approved the plan-- voting on straight party lines.

    Four Democrats voted for the plan and three Republicans against it.

    Republicans say they have a better plan that would give voters two choices, rather than just a yes or no question.

    But, the Democrats plan is the one headed to the Senate floor.

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  • Check out HJR 61.
    . Telemarketing bill gets first round approval from House (03/28/00)
    JEFFERSON CITY - The bill would crack down on fraudulent telemarketers, but an ammendment added exempts credit card companies and other financial institutions, including insurance companies.

    It would establish a do-not-call list maintained by the Attorney General's office.

    Any Missourian who wanted on the list would have to contact the Attorney General.

    The bill faces a final vote in the House before it can head to the Senate for further discussion.

    Before approving the bill, the House stuck on amendment that exempts financial institutions and banks from the provisions of the bill.

  • Get the House roll call on the exemption amendment.
    . Racial profiling bill gets Senate approval (03/28/00)
    JEFFERSON CITY - The Senate approved legislation to cops to record the race, age, and gender of the driver for every traffic stop they make.

    Also, they'd have to make note of the reason for the stop, any additional search, any ticket issued or any arrest made.

    The bill now heads to the House for more debate.

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  • Check out SB 1053 and the bill's sponsor, Sen. Wayne Goode.
    . A St. Louis representative says she'll go to court to challenge term limits. (03/28/00)
    JEFFERSON CITY - Rita Days, a democrat from St. Louis says she's filing for re-election even though she can't run again because of term limits.

    She says she wants to take the matter to court to challenge term limits.

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    . Missouri's Senate rejects an escape clause for term limits. (03/27/00)
    JEFFERSON CITY - Missouri's Senate rejected a proposed escape clause to legislative term limits.

    The amendment offered in the Senate would have allowed a lawmaker to run for an extra term if at least 10% of the voters in the district signed a petition for the term limit exemption.

    But some who voted against that proposal say they will support another term limit proposal pending in the Senate that would extend the term limit period from eight years to 12.

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