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NewsBook: Missouri Government News for Week of February 19, 2001


. Lowering the vote for school bond issues clears the Missouri House. (02/22/01)
JEFFERSON CITY - The House passed and sent the Senate a constitutional amendment that would lower the vote required to pass a school bond issue, if it is put on the general municipal or state general election ballot.

It would lower the required vote from 4/7ths to a simple majority.

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    . Push to improve urban schools criticized (02/22/01)
    JEFFERSON CITY - A senator's impassioned plea to devote more resources to Missouri's urban schools drew sharp criticism Thursday from Boone County Sen. Ken Jacob.

    Sen. Peter Kinder, R-Cape Girardeau, fulfilled a promise to make urban education a priority by calling attention to the "crisis" in the Kansas City and St. Louis school districts.

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    . Missouri lawmakers consider allowing post-conviciton DNA testing (02/22/01)
    JEFFERSON CITY - Under the bill, sponsored by Sen. Larry Rohrbach, the state will perform DNA tests in cases where prisoners can prove it may make a difference in their finding of guilt.

    It would also require the Highway Patrol to preserve all future DNA evidence used in criminal convictions.

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    . The House rejects the governor's budget plan for tobacco settlement funds. (02/22/01)
    JEFFERSON CITY - By a near party-line vote, the Missouri House handed Gov. Bob Holden his first legislative defeat since he became governor last month.

    House Republicans, along with a handful of Democrats, voted down the governor's plan to use some of the tobacco settlement money to balance the state's budget during the current fiscal year.

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    . Rural opposition sends hay-ride saftey legislation back to the drawing board. (02/21/01)
    JEFFERSON CITY - The Senate sponsor of legislation to impose safety standards on hay rides has pulled back her effort after encountering rural opposition in committee.

    The measure was prompted by the death of a St. Louis area child last year.

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    . Senator revises bill to regulate hay rides in face of rural opposition. (02/21/01)
    JEFFERSON CITY - Sen. Betty Sims amends a bill that she introduced in order to regulate hay rides in St. Louis County. Previously, she had proposed a statewide regulation.
    . Incoming governors would have to disclose inaugural contributions (02/21/01)
    JEFFERSON CITY - A bill would make incoming governors disclose every contribution to gubernatorial inaugurations.

    The bill would impact future inaugurations.

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    . Senate gives first round approval to .08 (02/21/01)
    JEFFERSON CITY - For the first time in its history, Missouri's Senate gave initial approval legislation that would lower the state's legal blood alcohol content for drivers to .08 percent.

    In previous years, the House has passed .08 only to see the bill die in the Senate.

    The House passed .08 last week.

    The Senate's version of the bill still faces final approval.

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    . Gov. Holden says he hasn't decided where he stands on a new baseball stadium (02/21/01)
    JEFFERSON CITY - Gov. Holden says he hasn't made any definite plans for the funding of a new stadium.

    The stadium will cost around $370 million.

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    . Leading pharmaceutical group attacks House GOP prescription plan (02/20/01)
    JEFFERSON CITY - A leading pharmaceutical group attacked a Republican plan to provide prescription drug relief for elderly Missourians.

    The Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America said forcing low prices on drugs for seniors, as proposed by House Republicans, would impede research by imposing additional price controls on pharmeuctical companies.

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    . A taxicab commission may become the latest addition to transportation improvements in the St. Louis area (02/20/01)
    JEFFERSON CITY - It may not get any easier to catch a taxi cab in St. Louis ... but a bill sponsored by Sen. David Klarich, R-Clayton, may make dealing with taxi cabs easier.

    Klarich's bill proposes a taxi cab commission for the entire metro area that would make taxi rates and quality more consistent.

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    . School Bond Issue Passes First Round House Hearing (02/20/01)
    JEFFERSON CITY - An amendment passed first-round approval in the House to lower votes on school bond issues to a simple majority.

    Supporters of the plan say this is the best -- and cheapest -- way the state can help improve schools.

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    . "Transportation Day" at the Capitol (02/20/01)
    JEFFERSON CITY - For one day at least, the State Capitol was ground-zero for transportation issues facing Missouri.

    Not only were groups gathering in and around the capitol for Total Transportation Day, but hearings on five seperate transportation bills took place in front Senate Transportation Committee.

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    . Two senior lawmakers want to tighten laws on dog breeders (02/19/01)
    JEFFERSON CITY - Two lawmakers said they wanted to improve conditions and increase inspections at all animal care facilities in Missouri.

    In order to hire more inspectors, they have proposed adding $1 to the cost of all dogs purchased at pet stores.

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    . Senators propose commission for restoring Capitol. (02/19/01)
    JEFFERSON CITY - Sen. Wayne Goode, D-St. Louis, has proposed a commission with responsibility for restoring and maintaining the State Capitol.

    Goode said funds to continue Capitol restoration had already been appropriated.

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    . House debates bill to award high school diplomas to veterans (02/19/01)
    JEFFERSON CITY - Veterans who dropped out of school to serve in World War I, World War II or the Korean conflict would be eligible for an honorary high school diploma under a proposal under consideration in the House.

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