Kinder fires back at Nixon after State of the State address
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Kinder fires back at Nixon after State of the State address

Date: January 20, 2010
By: Abby Grimmett
State Capitol Bureau

Intro:  After Missouri's Democratic Governor Jay Nixon's State of the State Address, Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder dealt out a fiery reaction.
RunTime:  2:51
OutCue:  SOC

Wrap: Accusations were flying in Republican Leutinant Governor's Peter Kinder's speech - he called out Governor Nixon on everything from raising taxes to high spending in his budget.

Actuality:  KINDER2.WAV
Run Time:  00:23
Description: Here are the facts: the governor has the largest and highest paid personal staff of any Missouri governor in history.

But he didn't stop there.

Kinder's harsh tone continued with talk about federal health care legislation, saying Nixon has ignored the issue for too long.

Actuality:  KINDER1.WAV
Run Time:  00:12
Description: By remaining silent, Governor Nixon is aiding and abetting the Washington Democrat's agenda, and that is unacceptable. But if the Governor will not speak up, we will.

In Governor Nixon's Speech he made a promise to not raise taxes.

Actuality:  JAY2.WAV
Run Time:  00:25
Description: Massachusetts and Nevada jacked up their sales tax. Arizona is on the verge of closing two-thirds of its state parks and selling its House and Senate buildings. Nevada's Governor has proposed cutting K-12 funding by $700 million. that's not going to happen here in Missouri.

But Kinder says just two weeks ago, Nixon's commission voted to raise taxes on farmers. He said Republicans are now calling for the Governor to stop the tax hike.

Also high on Nixon's agenda was the state budget - he said the state managed well throughout the past year.

Actuality:  JAY.WAV
Run Time:  00:16
Description: We tightened our belts, we stretched every dollar, and we rained in spending. We didn't bellyache about it, we just did it.

But Kinder's attack continued as he charged Nixon with mismanaging the state budget, causing delayed income tax refunds.

Actuality:  PETER1.WAV
Run Time:  00:13
Description: Last year, Governor Nixon mismanaged Missouri's budget and literally ran our state into a deficit. Then after depleting the state's checking account, he used your income tax refunds to fill those budgetary holes.

And Kinder plans to address that, too.

He said Republican lawmakers will soon file a joint resolution that would call for prompt tax returns.

Nixon also spoke of the ethics issues within Missouri government, and called for a change to restore trust and accountability.

But Kinder didn't let that one go, either.

Actuality:  KINDER5.WAV
Run Time:  00:07
Description: In the past year, lawmakers have credibly charged Governor Nixon's staff with offering them jobs for their votes.

The two did agree on one thing - that the state needs to create jobs to boost the economy.

But again, their methods in how they would do that clashed.

From the State Capitol, I'm Abby Grimmett.