Governor Blunt has not ruled out future campaigns.
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Governor Blunt has not ruled out future campaigns.

Date: September 25, 2008
By: Brenda Martens
State Capitol Bureau

Intro: Missouri's governor says he's not ruling out another race for political office in the future.

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Governor Matt Blunt said in anticipation of a possible future campaign, he will not close his campaign fund.

His fund for his abandoned campaign for governor holds more than one-million dollars.

Blunt said he might give financial aid to candidates whose values are close to his, but he also said he might save the money for future campaigns of his own.


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Description: Every citizen has the opportunity to run for office and I would definitely count myself in that group of citizens.
Blunt's comments were made during a press conference Thursday.

From the State Capitol, I'm Brenda Martens.


Intro: Governor Matt Blunt says the future use of his campaign funds are still up in the air.

 Brenda Martens has more from the State Capitol.

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Blunt said in a press conference Thursday his campaign account will not be closed when his term ends.

Blunt also said giving money to other campaigns was an option along with saving it for possible future campaigns of his own.

Scott Baker from Gubernatorial candidate Kenny Hulshof's campaign reacted on behalf of Hulshof to the news.

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Description: He has made it very clear that if the governor decides to give the Hulshof campaign some funds we would welcome those but it is the governor's campaign money and he has the prerogative to do with those funds as he sees fit.

Baker says Hulshof's campaign has not received any money from Blunt's 1.2 million dollar campaign fund. 

From Jefferson City, I'm Brenda Martens. 

Intro: Governor Matt Blunt said he is keeping his campaign fund account open even after his term ends. Brenda Martens has more from the State Capitol.

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Blunt says it is possible the money from his abandoned gubernatorial campaign might be used to fund potential campaigns in his future. 

Spokesman for the Missouri Democratic Party, Jack Cardetti, shares his thoughts on why he thinks Blunt would make such a decision.

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Description: I think holding onto that money and having that money at his disposal is probably an attempt for Governor Blunt to remain relevant, far after he is politically relevant in most people's eyes.

Blunt says there is a possibility he may donate some of his campaign money to other campaigns with views similar to his own.  

Reporting from Jefferson City, I'm Brenda Martens.