Immigration laws need more enforcement, says some Representatives
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Immigration laws need more enforcement, says some Representatives

Date: October 10, 2008
By: Rachel Glaser
State Capitol Bureau

Intro: Members of the immigration committee want a bigger crackdown on employers who hire illegal immigrants.

Rachel Glaser (GLAZ-R) has more from Jefferson City.

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Governor Matt Blunt led the crusade against illegal immigrants signing several immigration bills into state law in July. 
Members of the House Immigration Committee now want those law enforced.  
Odessa Republican Representative Michael McGhee is a member of the House Immigration Committee and said focusing on employers is key.

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Description: We need to crack down on people who hire illegals. You know, find them, or imprison them, or do something with people who end up hiring people that they know are illegals from across the border. If they don't have the jobs they are not coming.

McGhee went on to say the laws are there, they just need to be enforced.

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Description: I'd like them to make it tougher than what is it today. Or actually just enforce them, that would be fine with me. That would be a good deal too. Just enforce the laws we got.

Other committee members said the enforcement of the immigration laws need "teeth," and that the laws mean nothing if they are not enforced. 

Reporting from the Capitol in Jefferson City, I'm Rachel Glaser

Intro: The Missouri Association for Social Welfare wants the next governor to focus on more pressing issues to the state than immigration.

Rachel Glaser (GLAZ-R) has more from Jefferson City.

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With the election of a new governor on the horizon, some are looking for a change in Missouri's immigration policies.
The Missouri Association for Social Welfare Policy Coordinator Joshua Ewing says immigration is an issue Governor Matt Blunt used to distract voters from more important issues.
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Description: "Our hope with the next administration, whoever it may be, will focus on some of the real issues. We really don't think that immigration is an issue in Missouri. They actually present a positive financial to the state rather than the negative one that has been promoted by the current administration."

Governor Blunt pushed for laws to prevent illegal immigrants from voting and obtaining driver's licenses.

Reporting from the State Capitol, I'm Rachel Glaser.

Intro: Immigration remains an untouched issue in the gubernatorial race. Missouri waits to see what a new governor will do with future immigration laws.

Rachel Glaser (GLAZ-R) has more with this story in Jefferson City.

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Governor Matt Blunt dedicated much of his time in office attacking illegal immigrants in Missouri.

As his term comes to a close Missouri voters have heard little from gubernatorial candidates, Republican Congressman Kenny Hulshof and Democratic Attorney General Jay Nixon on immigration.

Odessa Republican Representative Michael McGhee is a member of the House Immigration Committee and still awaits answers.

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Description: I hear nothing from Hulshof or Jay Nixon about immigration policy. It's kind of like we don't want to make anybody mad so we won't discuss it at all. I think that is sad.

Policy Coordinator for the Missouri Association for Social Welfare, Joshua Ewing disagreed with McGhee saying the candidates are staying quiet for other reasons. 

Actuality:  EWING3.WAV
Run Time: 00:14
Description: The reason they haven't spoken out about it is because it is, it is not a pressing issue facing the state. There are many more things facing the state than immigration. And I, and I think that the current administration has used it as a wedge issue to distract voters and distract the people of Missouri.

Ewing went on to say that immigrants actually help Missouri's economy.

The importance of immigration within the state is being questioned along with the amount of impact it has on Missouri residents.

McGhee says illegal immigrants strain the state's economy and would like the next Governor to strictly enforce immigration laws.

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Run Time: 00:10
Description: I would hope that we would toughen things up even more to try and slow the amount of illegal immigrants that have come into Missouri and taking our jobs, and our insurance, and hurting our economy.

McGhee is not the only Representative who hopes to crack down on immigration laws.

Jackson County Democratic Representative Mike Talboy is also a member of the House Immigration Committee says the state's immigration laws need "teeth" to enforce the laws.

The Missouri Association for Social Welfare said it would like the next governor to focus on more pressing issues to the state.

Ewing said immigrants present a positive financial aspect to the state.

Actuality:  EWING2.WAV
Run Time: 00:12
Description: We would just hope that the next governor, whether it be Congressman Hulshof or Attorney General Nixon is that we would focus on some of the real issues facing Missouri. Like the over 700,000 people uninsured in the state.
Governor Matt Blunt signed a sweeping piece of immigration into law this summer which outlawed illegal immigrants from receiving driver's licenses and voting.

Reporting from the Sate Capitol, I'm Rachel Glaser.