Candidates for Missouri Governor
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Candidates for Missouri Governor

By: Valerie Insinna
State Capitol Bureau

Kenny Hulshof

Kenny Hulshof

Jay Nixon

Jay Nixon 

Andy Finkenstadt

Andy Finkenstadt

Gregory Thompson

Gregory Thompson

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Web Site:
Age: 50 52 42 57

Wife: Renee Hulshof

daughters: Casey and Hanna Hulshof

Wife: Georganne Nixon

sons: Jeremiah and Will Nixon

Wife: Carol Finkenstadt Wife: Cindy

daughters: Tara, Abby, Rachel, Nellie, Sara, Heather, Cindy, Rebecca, Anne
son: Sam


1980: B.S. in agricultural economics from University of Missouri-Columbia

1983: J.D. from University of Mississippi

1978: B.A. in political science from University of Missouri-Columbia

1981: J.D. from University of Missouri-Columbia

1983-1987: attended Franciscan University of Steubenville 1972: BA in education from Missouri Valley College

Master's degree in education from Central Missouri State University

PhD in scriptural psychology from Faith Bible College

Job History:

1983-1986: assistant public defender

1986-1989: assistant prosecuting attorney in Cape Girardeau

1989-1996: Missouri State Assistant Attorney General

1997-present: U.S. Representative of Missouri's 9th Congressional District

1981-1986: attorney, private practice

1986-1992: Missouri Senate

1993-present: Missouri State Attorney General

1982-1987: Contract Programmer, School Office Software Services

1987-1988: Manager of Date Processing, Kirk NationaLease

1988-1990: Programmer, Ohio Kache Systems

1990-1994: Senior Programmer, Vista Chrome, Inc.

1994: Systems Engineer, TML Information Services

1994-1995: Internet Engineer, Tailored Software Services, Inc.

1995-1997: Manager of Software Development, The Printing House, Limited

1997-present: Senior Software Engineer, Simutronics Corporation

1973: engineer, Illinois Central Gulf Railroad

1974-1984: Division 8 President of Locomotive Engineers, Illinois Central Gulf Railroad

1985-1989: teacher, coach, and athletic director at St. Peter's School

1990-1992: inventor

1992-1994: independently owned a company that oversaw shipping of items from former U.S.S.R. to the U.S.

1995-1998: Principal and Superintendent of schools in Miami, Mo.

1998-2004: Superintendent of schools in Humansville, Mo

2003-current: minister for the "Shake the Nation" program

Key Issues:

Government Ethics:  Proposed a six point plan that includes creating an Ethics Advisory Task Force and introducing campaign finance reforms.

Health Care: Use $50 million of new general revenue and $540 million from other sources to provide Health Savings Accounts for 200,000 lower-income citizens.  Low-income participants would be required to partially fund coverage up to 5% of their annual income, and the state would subsidize the remainder of the costs.

Education: Supports the Lewis and Clark Discovery Initiative.  Wants to increase college scholarship and public school funding without raising taxes.

Government Ethics: Proposed a Performance Review Commission that would evaluate spending in government programs, departments, and agencies

Health Care: Plans to work with small business owners who cannot afford to pay the health insurance of its employers

Education: Proposed the Missouri Promise, a scholarship for qualified students who have completed the A+ program.  This scholarships would pay for tuition at a Missouri state university.

Government Ethics: If elected, stated he would run a transparent office and will write a daily updated blog

Education: Believes it is not the government's responsibility to fund higher education but thinks academic scholarships should be available for qualified students.

Taxes: Proposes to use tax money only to "support the essential services of government." 

Government Spending: Believes in a limited government and would cut spending

Seperation of Church and State: Stated it goes against the intention of the Constitution and wants to reinstate prayer in public schools