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Kansas City wants $100 million dollars from state for stadium renovations

February 26, 2002
By: Matt Flener
State Capital Bureau
Links: HB 1946

St. Louis leaders aren't the only ones lobbying state legislators for stadium funding. I'm Matt Flener for the Missouri Capital Caucus

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100 million dollars. Plus more money for maintenace every year.

That's what Kansas City business leaders are hoping the state will approve for renovations to the Chiefs and Royals stadiums .

It's all part of a Kansas City arts and culture tax plan called BISTATE TWO.

The plan calls for voters in both states to approve a one-eighth cent sales tax hike in November.

But in order to do that, Kansas City Chamber of Commerce President Pete Levi says the city needs Missouri's help.

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Contents: Missouri's participation is a key element of BISTATE TWO.

With Missouri's money guarantee, Levi says voters would be more likely to approve a raise in taxes for the complex.

Represenative Dennis Bonner sponsors the bill to give the city more money.

The legislature struck down a version of his bill last year that would have only helped the stadiums.

He says this year's bill is different because it benefits the arts and culture scene in Kansas City.

And he hopes that can give the bill the edge in the legislature.

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Bonner says the state wouldn't have to pay until 2006.

In the meantime, the city could use half of the money from the BISTATE tax to boost Kansas City's culture.

The House Commerce Committee will vote on the bill in the near future.

In Jefferson City, Matt Flener.