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Statute of Limitations on Rape and Sodomy To Get Removed

February 25, 2002
By: JiaoJiao Shen
State Capital Bureau

Lawmakers underestimated the time it would take to pass a bill on rape and sodomy. JiaoJiao Shen reports from Jefferson City.

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Legislators originally predicted that the state would remove the statute of limitations on rape and sodomy by mid-February.

That day has long passed and the Senate bill still sits amidst a conflict between the House and Senate.

What is the basis of the conflict?

The bill's sponser, Senator Marvin Singleton says the problem is because of too many lawyers getting involved.

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Contents: Senator Singleton says his original bill simply removed the statute of limitations on rape and sodomy but the lawyers have conflicting interests in the Senate of the bill.

Representative Ralph Monaco begs to differ.

Representative Monaco is sponsering a House bill very similar to that of the Senate version.

He says instead of lawyers delaying the approval, it is actually an obscure medical issue preventing the Senate version from passing.

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Contents: Representative Monaco says an issue that does not exist is the stumbling block for the bill. It's a relayed delayed memory recall problem that occures when someone remember something that happened 25 or 30 years ago with psychiatric help. Then charges are filed for rape or sodomy becaue of the recalled event from childhood.

Regardless of these problems, the bill could get passed as early as this week.

Senator Singleton says the bill could reach the governor's office by the end of this week.

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Contents: Senator Singleton says the Senate hopes to move the bill to the conference committee to smooth out details then have it on the governor's desk by the end of this week. He says there will be more victimization of violent crimes if there are any more delays.

This bill will remove the three-year statute of limitations on rape and sodomy in Missouri.

The House approved of the bill after adding some amendments to it.

The revised version of the bill is waiting for Senate approval.

From the State Capitol, I'm JiaoJiao Shen