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Democratic candidate for treasurer has photos of stalkers

October 6, 2000
By: Seth Bachelier
State Capital Bureau

This is Seth Bachelier for Missouri Capital Caucus.

Opposing candidates for office must keep a close eye on each other, but one candidate for state treasurer says it's gone too far.

Democrat Nancy Farmer says she believes her Republican rival Todd Graves has people stalking her.

She claims men driving cars with Todd Graves bumper stickers follow her around with videocameras.

And she says she has the photos to prove it.

Farmer recently posted the photos on her campaign web site.

Spokesman Chuck Miller says that people have been following her everywhere.

RunTime: 13 seconds
OutCue: "goes to events."
Contents: Miller says Farmer has been followed to her car, to campaign events and to houses of her supporters.

And, Miller says it isn't typical campaign strategy for unknown people to follow Farmer.

RunTime: 9 seconds
OutCue: "I call it."
Contents: Miller says that people following her is bizarre and that Farmer's campaign will not go to such lengths.

But, Graves suspects Farmer of campaign silliness.

He says he believes that publishing the photos is just petty political gamesmanship.

And as for the accusations, Graves only has one response.

RunTime: 13 seconds
OutCue: "would do that."
Contents: Graves says that it is ludicrous that Farmer would think that he has people stalking her because stalking is a serious legal term.

Graves insists nobody in his campaign is responsible for the men videotaping his opponent.

But, Graves does admit that his campaign videotapes Farmer at her public campaign events.

He says it's normal practice.

From Jefferson City, I'm Seth Bachelier.