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NewsBook: Missouri Government News for Week of October 16, 2000


. politics seethes below surface at Carnahan's memorial (10/20/00)
JEFFERSON CITY - When Mel Carnahan's daughter, Robin, closed her remembrance speech Friday, she assured her father the family "won't let the fire die out."

Every morning, she said, the late governor would start a fire and before he left, he would tell the kids to keep it going.

But to many, she wasn't talking about fireplaces. She was hinting that the family wouldn't let Carnahan's political efforts wither.

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    . Thousands brave long lines to visit Carnahan's flag-draped casket (10/19/00)
    JEFFERSON CITY - Thousands braved long lines and unusual heat to briefly walk by the flag draped casket of Gov. Mel Carnahan.

    The high turnout, which surprised even some of Carnahan's staff members, was testimony to the late governor's popularity.

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    . Clinton will speak at Carnahan memorial service Friday (10/19/00)
    JEFFERSON CITY - The memorial service for Gov. Mel Carnahan will be held Friday at a capitol where he spent nearly two decades of his adult life.

    The service will feature several prominent politicians, including President Bill Clinton, Vice President Al Gore and former U.S. Senator Thomas Eagleton.

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    . Political campaign unclear how to proceed in the wake of Carnahan's death (10/19/00)
    JEFFERSON CITY - As state employees hurried to prepare for the late Gov. Mel Carnahan's memorial service on Friday, some state office candidates resumed campaigning activities.

    While a few Democrats expressed outrage at the television ads, most state and party officials refused to discuss politics.

    . Wilson moves slowly into governor's office (10/18/00)
    JEFFERSON CITY - In "deferrence" to Gov. Mel Carnahan's mourning staff, Gov. Roger Wilson is moving slowly into his office.

    Wilson "will gradually make the move with full deferrence to the fact we just suffered a tremendous tragedy, both the state and their families, but also the governor's office slowly," said John Robinson, Wilson's chief of staff as lieutenant governor.

    The former lieutenant governor, Wilson was sworn in as Missouri's 52nd governor early Wednesday after Carnahan's death in a plane crash was confirmed.

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  • Roger Wilson sworn in as governor
  • The transititon of the governor's office to Wilson
  • Most political activity in the state comes to a halt
  • Biography of Mel Carnahan
  • Biography of Carnahan aide Chris Sifford
    . Many mourn death of aide Sifford (10/18/00)
    JEFFERSON CITY - While Missourians mourn the death of Gov. Mel Carnahan, many also grieve for Carnahan's aide Chris Sifford.

    Sifford served a variety of positions in the governor's staff, including communications director and chief of staff.

    Sifford died in the plane crash Monday that also claimed Carnahan and Carnahan's son, Roger. He was 36.

    . Carnahan's legacy secure on education (10/18/00)
    JEFFERSON CITY - Gov. Mel Carnahan's legacy, friends and colleagues say, is secure, based on his efforts to improve the state's schools.

    "Carnahan's legacy will have to encompass education," said Gov. Roger Wilson, who was sworn in to replace Carnahan early Wednesday morning.

    In his first year in the governor's mansion, Carnahan was a driving force the then-controversial 1993 Outstanding Schools Act -- a $315 million tax increase that provided smaller schools, computers in classrooms, and a new education funding formula.

    . politics halts as state mourns (10/18/00)
    JEFFERSON CITY - Three days this close to an election an be an eternity to a campaign, but since Gov. Mel Carnahan's death Monday night, Missouri politics have virtually ceased.

    Carnahan's death left many Missourians and state politicians in shock. But, with less than a month until the election, many also are left wondering what will happen in the highly-contested U.S. Senate race between Carnahan, a Democrat, and Republican Sen. John Ashcroft.

    However, Democrats said the time to decide who will replace Carnahan in the race is after the mourning.

    . Condolences offered by presdential candidates to the Carnahan family draw sharp criticism (10/18/00)
    JEFFERSON CITY - Republican or democrat, Missourians felt the loss of Governor Mel Carnahan across party lines. At the third Presidential Debates, candidates Gore and Bush paid tribute to Carnahan. While Vice President Gore highlighted some of Carnahan's accomplishments, Texas Governor Bush kept his remarks simple.
    . Wilson sworn in as Missouri's 52nd governor (10/18/00)
    JEFFERSON CITY - In a solemn ceremony and surrounded by family, friends and officials, Roger B. Wilson of Columbia was sworn in as Missouri's 52nd governor early Wednesday morning.

    Wilson takes over from Mel Carnahan, who was killed in a plane crash Monday night along with his son, Roger, and top Senate campaign aide Chris Sifford.

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    . Missouri political campaigns come to an abrupt halt (10/17/00)
    JEFFERSON CITY - Campaigns across Missouri came to an abrupt halt just three weeks before the election in honor of the late Gov. Mel Carnahan, his son Roger "Randy" Carnahan and former chief of staff Chris Sifford.

    Candidates from both parties dropped advertising, ceased fundraising and cancelled public appearences. Most were unsure when they would resume.

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    . Crash that claimed governor almost took journalist (10/17/00)
    JEFFERSON CITY - The tragic plane crash that took the life of Missouri's governor almost claimed the life of a journalist covering the campaign.

    Radio reporter and 1998 Missouri Journalism grad Missy Shelton Belote planned on being on board Gov. Mel Carnahan's plane that crashed Monday night just south of St. Louis.

    But schedule changes by the governor's U.S. Senate campaign left her safely on the ground.

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    . Roger Wilson is made Missouri's acting governor. (10/17/00)
    JEFFERSON CITY - Missouri's governor Mel Carnahan, one of his sons and one of his top campaign aides is believed to have been killed in a Monday night plane crash south of St. Louis in Jefferson County.

    Early Tuesday morning, Lt. Gov. Roger Wilson was named Missouri's acting governor.

    Just a few hours after the crash, Missouri's top elected officials held an emergency meeting, as the constitutional Disabilities Board, to declare Carnahan was unable to perform his duties as governor.

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    . Mourners gather outside governor's mansion (10/17/00)
    JEFFERSON CITY - Just hours after a plane carrying Gov. Mel Carnahan, his son Roger, and senior campaign staffer Chris Sifford, a handfull of mourners gathered outside the governor's mansion.

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    . "Acting" Gov. Roger Wilson assumes an uncomfortable new role (10/17/00)
    JEFFERSON CITY - Roger Wilson has been lieutenant governor of Missouri for the past eight years, making it through those years quietly and cleanly. Up until last night, he was looking forward to retiring from political life in January, when his term expires.

    All that changed with the announcement of Gov. Mel Carnahan's plane crash Monday night, which thrust Wilson into a spotlight he does not want.

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    . Campaign ads ad nauseum (10/16/00)
    JEFFERSON CITY - If you are already sick of campaign commercials, brace yourself. You haven't seen anything yet.

    With just three weeks until the election, Missouri's major candidates for governor each reported still having more than $2 million to spend, according to campaign finance disclosure reports filed Monday.

    Money like that can buy lots of TV time.

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    . Carnahan controls much of debate (10/16/00)
    JEFFERSON CITY - Gov. Mel Carnahan, through his more aggressive style, controlled much of the content in Sunday's second debate between Missouri's major U.S. Senate candidates.

    He forced his opponent, Sen. John Ashcroft, R-Mo., to defend himself on tax cuts, soft money, and eveh his choice not to attack his foe. For his part, Ashcroft spent his time promoting his education plan and record of accomplishment in the Senate.

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    . Farmers left in the dark by Proposition A (10/16/00)
    JEFFERSON CITY - If it is approved by voters on Nov. 7, Proposition A will prohibit the construction of new billboards along state and federal highways. Missouri's farmers are concerned -- those farmers whose property borders these highways rent out their land to advertisers and, depending on the size and location of the signs, can turn a good profit off the rent. If Prop. A passes, they will no longer be able to do this -- and that restriction, some argue, violates their constitutional property rights.

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    . Ashcroft and Carnahan quarrel over issues in second debate (10/16/00)
    KANSAS CITY, Mo., - Sen. John Ashcroft and Gov. Mel Carnahan battled over tax cuts, education and health care Sunday in the second debate between Missouri's two major party U.S. Senate candidates.

    The debate, broadcast live on public TV and held in front of about 150 people in the Gem Theatre in Kansas City's Jazz District, was the first -- and probably the last -- televised match-up between the pair this election season.

    As in Friday's contest in St. Louis, the Democrat Carnahan was the more aggressive jumping at the first shot to attack a tax cut proposed by his Republican foe.

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