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NewsBook: Missouri Government News for Week of April 24, 2000


. Pet thieves come under House attack. (04/27/00)
JEFFERSON CITY - Missouri's House approved legislation designed to track down those who steal pets for resale.

The bill, sent to the Senate, would make theft for resale a felony crime. It also would set up a statewide registry of stolen pets.

Democrats voted overwhemlingly for the proposal while Republicans split down the middle.

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    . Hepatitis vaccinations for school children approved by the House. (04/27/00)
    JEFFERSON CITY - Missouri's House passed and sent to the Senate legislation that would authorize the Health Department to set up a program to require school children be vaccinated for hepatitis A. The proposal would allow some exceptions.

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    . Some disabled Missourians thank lawmakers for giving them care options (04/27/00)
    JEFFERSON CITY - Several dozen disabled Missourians attended a rally at the State Capitol to thank lawmakers for approving a measure that will give the disabled more flexibility when choosing between institutional care and home-based care.
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    . Missouri legislators give same sex marriages the cold shoulder (04/26/2000)
    JEFFERSON CITY - Vermont's decision to recognize same sex unions hasn't brought Missouri anywhere closer to doing the same.

    Same sex unions could even be outlawed in Missouri as early as this legislative session.

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    . Plan for Francis-Howell added to education bill (04/26/00)
    JEFFERSON CITY - Sen. Ted House sponsored an amendment that would give the financially-troubled school district five years to pay back the money it owes the state.

    As it stands now, the district has to pay the state $3.5 million this year.

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    . Renaming highway after Derrick Thomas called inappropriate (04/26/00)
    JEFFERSON CITY - A resolution introduced in the Senate to dub a section of I-70 the "Derrick Thomas Memorial Highway" met with fiery criticism Wednesday.

    Opponents said they did not want to see the state endorsing a man who had allegedly fathered seven illegitimate children.

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    . Motorcyclists converge on capitol to support bill (04/26/00)
    JEFFERSON CITY - A rally was held Wednesday by motorcyclists to show support for legislation that passed the House Transportation Committee Wednesday.

    The bill would eliminate the law mandating adults must wear helmets while riding motorcycles.

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    . Amendment would have eliminated UM from receiving funds (04/26/00)
    JEFFERSON CITY - If one state legislator had his way, the University of Missouri system would have been eliminated from receiving any building improvement funds from the state for the upcoming fiscal year.

    By a vote of 54-85, the House defeated an amendment that would have stripped the UM system of funds to plan, design, renovate or construct buildings.

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    . Request to look into Rep. Mays' campaign contributions rejected by Ethics Committee (04/25/00)
    JEFFERSON CITY - A political opponent's request that the Ethics Committee look into Rep. Mays' campaign contributions was rejected.

    Mays, who is the chairman of the Utilities Committee, received more than $10,000 from utility companies.

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    . House unveils new signs: No Visitors in elevator, No videocameras in chamber (04/25/00)
    JEFFERSON CITY - Television cameras are already prohibited in the press gallery that overlooks the Missouri House. Now, if new signage is to be believed, photography and video camera taping is prohibited in that chamber's two side galleries.

    That's not all. New signs request that visitors and deliverymen not use the centrally located "Governor's elevator." That conveyance is reserved for lawmakers, staff and the press.

    The signs directs queries to the office of House Clerk Anne Walker.

    . Cameraman to sue Carnahan and cop (04/25/00)
    JEFFERSON CITY - The KTVI-TV cameraman shoved during an encounter with Missouri Gov. Mel Carnahan and his bodyguard will file a lawsuit, his lawyer said.

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    . Out of work employees of Associated Wholesale Grocers come to capitol to rally support (04/25/00)
    JEFFERSON CITY - The out of work employees came to the capitol and were met by governor hopeful Larry Rice, an Independent candidate.

    He spoke on thier behalf and made a pitch for his election as governor in the November election.

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    . Missouri's Senate votes to give lawmakers the chance for another 12 years in office. (04/25/00)
    JEFFERSON CITY - Missouri's Senate voted by a margin of nearly two to one to put on the statewide ballot a plan that would let lawmakers stay in office longer.

    The proposal would change the eight-year lifetime limit for service in a legislative chamber to a 12 consecutive year limit for a chamber.

    As it passed the Senate, the proposal would restart the clock for current legislators -- many of whom are coming within two years of the current eight-year limit.

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