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Latest Missouri Government News as of August 30, 1996

Boatman's Bank Merger Announced

Boatman's Bank would become part of the nation's fourth largest banking companies under a merger announced by bank officials.

The bank, one of the major banks in the St. Louis area, would be merged with NationsBank with covers southern and Atlantic states.

Together, the merged firm would cover 16 states.

See our newspaper story for more details.

GOP Candidates Say Prostitute-dating Advisor Won't Affect Presidential Campaign

Three of the five GOP candidates for Missouri statewide office say they do not expect the presidential campaign will be affected by reports that a Clinton campaign advisor had been dating a prostitute.

See our radio story for details.

No Illegal-Immigrant Benefit Ban Planned for Missouri

The Missouri governor's office says there is no need the state order banning government benefits to illegal immigrants.

That reaction came in response to an order issued by California's governor.

For more details, see our radio story.

Attorney General Puts Off Tobacco Industry Lawsuit

The Missouri Attorney General's office says it has no immediate plans to file suit against the tobacco industry.

Several states have filed such suits seeking industry compensation for government's costs for coverage of smoking-related illnesses from programs like Medicaid.

But a spokesman for Missouri Attorney General Jay Nixon say they want to wait to see the outcome in other states.

Nixon's Republican opponent in November said he agreed with that decision.

For more details, see:

Decision Near on Minimum Wage Ballot Status

Whether Missourians get to vote on raising the state minimum wage should be decided within the next week.

The Secretary of State's office said they expect to announce the first week of September whether supporters have submitted enough signatures to place the proposal on the November ballot.

For more details, see our complete story.

Mule on Ballot

Missouri's Secretary of State has approved the Libertarian Party's request to use the mule as the party's symbol on the election ballot.

An official from the Democratic Party, which uses the donkey as it's national party symbol (although not on Missouri's ballot), charged Libertarians were just trying to confuse voters.

For more information, see our radio story.