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Latest Missouri Government News as of April 5, 1996

House Approves Lobbyist Gift Restricttions

The House gave preliminary approval to a measure which restricts lobbyists from giving gifts to government officials.

But the House vote came after lenghty debate and numerous amendments which made it clear many members did not like the proposal.

Earlier this year, the Senate approved a rule which restricts senators from accepting gifts.

For more information, see our newspaper story.

You also can review the roll call vote.

House Approves Abortion Restriction Bill

The House approved legislation which would impose tougher regulation on abortion clinics.

The measure differs from an anti-abortion proposal pending in the Senate which has not yet come up for Senate debate. That Senate version is similar to a proposal vetoed last year by the governor.

For more information, see:

State Voters Approve Tax Limit

Missouri voters overwhelmingly approved Tuesday (April 2) a constitutional amendment that restricts the legislature's power to raise state taxes.

The proposal will require state voter approval anytime the legislature raises taxes by more than $50 million in a calendar year.

The constitutional amendment was drafted by the state Farm Bureau and strongly supported by the governor.

Republican critics had charged the proposal was an attempt by the Democratic governor to divert attention away from his support of the education tax increase a couple of years ago.

For more information, see:

State Gets New License Plates

The "Show-Me State" phrase will stay, but the colors will change under a new license plate design approved by an inter-government task force charged with designing new motor vehicle license plates.

The new plates will have a white background with shades of blue for all types of motor vehicles.

Currently, the plates for autos are a dark red.

For more information, see the radio story.

NRA Opposition Kills Concealed Weapons

In an unusual twist, the nation's leading gun-rights organization succeeded in killing off an effort to revive legislation to allow concealed weapons in Missouri.

On the eve of a Senate vote on reconsidering defeat of the proposal, the NRA urged members to vote against reconsideration.

The NRA objection to a provision that would have required statewide voter approval for the proposal to take effect.

Bill sponsor Danny Staples dropped a planned reconsideration vote - saying that with NRA opposition, he simply didn't have the votes.

For more information, see our newspaper story.

Senate Approves Safe Schools

The House has passed and sent to the Senate the governor's proposal designed to reduce violence in local schools.

The vote was overwhelming, with just one vote against the proposal.

The measure would provide schools with more access to student discipline records at other schools, impose tougher penalties for assault of school employees and allow alternative schools for disruptive students.

For a look at how your legislator voted, see the House roll call vote.

House Approves English Only

The Missouri House gave first round approval to a measure to make English the state's official language.

Approval was overwhelming, by a 116-22 vote.

Proponents say the proposal is designed to prevent courts from ordering state or local governments to provide official documents in languages other than English.

Opponents argue the proposal is insulting to immigrants.

The measure faces one more vote in the House before going to the Senate.

If interested, you can see: